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Boeing 737MAX : Fleet grounding
The Air Carrier Aviation Authority (ACASA) has decided to ground all Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

This decision follows the recent crashes of this type of aircraft (in Indonesia at the end of the year and the weekend spent in Ethiopia) which led several major countries to take drastic decisions: ban all overflights, takeoffs and landings of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on their territories. 
ACASA's decision was confirmed in view of EASA's (European Aviation Safety Agency) decision to also ban all Boeing 737 MAX flights in Europe.

"We are making the decision tonight to ban all Boeing 737 MAX flights (MAX8 and MAX9) on the entire AirCarrier planet," said ACASA CEO.

"Our engineers and aviation experts have found it too dangerous to continue flying passengers in this type of aircraft. We must ensure that all AirCarrier passengers fly safely. For the time being, the recent crashes involving this aircraft have proven us wrong. We are waiting for explanations and soluctions from the manufacturer, Boeing, for a return to normal. "adds the ACASA spokesman.

The system involved is the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS). This system, specific to the 737 MAX, makes it possible to compensate, by lowering the nose of the device, for the excess power generated by the engines of the 737 MAX during certain flight phases. For the time being, Boeing continues to claim that its aircraft are 100% safe but have nevertheless promised to release a software update of this system in the coming weeks. 

To be continued... 
(PS: your MAX schedules will not be deleted but the flights concerned will be cancelled as during maintenance.)
[Image: uam1.png]
A little update on the situation:

As you may have seen, Boeing is doing everything it can to put its 737MAX back in the air.
For the moment, they are working on a software update. At this point, we do not know how much longer it will take to get back into service.

We warn you in advance that the entire 737MAX fleet (-8 and -9) will experience a 5% decrease in reliability. (Applied when the equipment concerned is put back into service). You will be notified 1 week in advance.
This decrease is justified by the update required for the return to service.

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